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Welcome to JulieAnnM.com.  I am a portrait photographer who documents  beauty in the people that have great meaning to you.  My motto is “One Birth, One Life, Countless Joys.”  Each tiny person that comes into this world is all their own.  And you have the privilege of watching your little person grow.  Within that one life, are innumerable joys.

I believe we are given an opportunity to live joyfully!

I am here to photograph your loved ones with a positive attitude.   I am detailed and dedicated to creating portraits of your loved ones that will bring you joy now and for years to come.

one birth, one life, countless joys


Children are Precious

I want to share a bit about my personal life that has influenced my work.  When my husband and I decided to start a family, our babies did not come right away.  We felt the heartache of infertility and were only able to become pregnant with the help of doctors.  We had a little girl and a few years later we had twin boys!  

Because of this life challenge, I gained a greater appreciation for how precious babies are.  Our children are gifts from God.  I will take great care in photographing your children for you to have artistic remembrances of your little ones.  Photography can help you celebrate their arrival, birthdays, religious milestones, or coming of age events.  I would love to be your photographer.

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