Brothers & Sisters

Put kids together and they make each other laugh. I had these kiddos walk toward me while looking at each other and they just couldn’t keep a straight face!

I have little games I play with kids so that they are comfortable, and I can get some real expressions from them while I am behind the camera.  I know it is awkward having your photo taken sometimes, but I have found little things over the years that help!

Simply Baby Newborn

Loving this precious baby boy wrapped and sleeping comfortably. He was not happy as we undressed him, but once we put the soft swaddle on and put him in a basket of fluffy blankets, he settled right in.  

I photographed him using natural light.  We set everything up outdoors under a shady tree because it was the was middle of the day and light was harsh.  Through shielding the sun with a soft, thin blanket, the light was made softer and we got this beautiful light.  I love working with babies!

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