Twin Baby Boys and a Bunny!

So happy to share these with you!  These twins are 1 year old and it was an adventure photographing them with a bunny.  At one point they were all moving in different directions!  I laughed out loud and we brought them all back together.  One baby absolutely loved the rabbit, he squealed and would reach out to pet him.  The other baby preferred the balloons!  They reminded me of my twins, brothers but individuals too.  The photos that I took of the blonde baby and rabbit, where I am looking down are some of my favorites!  They kept mirroring each other!  It was such a sweet interaction.  I love animals, and I love babies so I was basically in heaven!

Baby Photography with Bunny friend

This darling boy is 4 months old!  He has a soft curl in his hair and adores mama.  He would watch her and when she talked to him, he just glowed!  So much love!  Baby boy barely noticed the Bunny, which was hilarious because he was right next to him! It also made it easy for me to photograph them together.  He was more interested in watching his people, mom and big brother!  I love the colors in these portraits, neutral and matching so the expressions and body language are more influential.

Easter Child Mini Photo Session

This little guy loved to have his picture taken!  He was so funny how he would pose and smile sweetly!  He made me laugh!  His sister was ok with it all, but she wasn’t as sure as big brother.  That’s okay, he was loving to her and that made her more comfortable!  Playing with the Easter Eggs was their favorite thing.

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