Senior Beauty

 We met up at a great location in Southern Utah with dirt roads, pine trees and a lake.  It was fun to have the freedom to see a beautiful background and stop on the side of the dirt road, take a few portraits and get back in the car.   This Senior Girl was ready for her session, she had 3 great outfits picked out and perfect makeup.   I love that she chose a necklace that went with each of her outfits.  Her makeup was flawless, more than normal but in natural tones.  It makes total sense that she now works at Ulta part-time.

Family in Pine trees

Family portrait session in Southern Utah. This was such a pretty location. I love photographing in the outdoors. This place has special meaning to mom and dad, which makes it all the better!  They normally bike over this bridge together while on dates!  I love this, dating your spouse is so important!  The weather  was chillier than expected, but the kiddos were still great.    

Baby Bear Sitter

Little baby bear with mama! Naturally he adores her and she him. It was so sweet to see!  

Baby boy is 6 months old and was a Rockstar sitting on his own!  I was impressed for how young he is.  Mom and Dad found this incredibly beautiful location for us to do the photo session outdoors.  I provided the cream knit sweater and grey pants.  It all came together and He was so smiley it was fun to be around him.

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