Family Photographs

Family portraits in the desert are great in the wintertime! I love the colors mom put together for the session. We talked back and forth about clothing options and Face Timed to see the things that she had that already looked well together. She ended up only having to purchase a few clothing items. They all look like they go together without matching exactly!  

Couple Photography in Sedona

Happy Valentine’s Day!

So happy to share a portrait of my love and I. We took a trip to Sedona, just us. We were celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary a little early. I used a tripod so I could be in the photo. After getting ready to be beautiful and trying to take the pictures, I told myself-this is a lot! This is why people hire a photographer! I love this background and the fun pose! It was totally worth the effort! I love my man, so happy we get to love and support each other. 

I would be happy to photograph you and your love!  

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