Large Family at Anthem Community Park

Photographing a Family with six kids meant that they were relaxed and made each other laugh!  I started photographing mom and dad first and the kids just hung out and talked in the background.  The waterfall background was perfect for their portraits.  We did a lot of combinations of posing, which is normal (just the girls, just the boys, siblings, etc.).  My favorites are the individuals of each child.  I purposely posed them in the same place so all of their images would match.  And at the end, they wanted a funny one for their mom.  They said they do the same pose often but in different places.  They all started skipping together and I just clicked away.  We all had a good laugh!

Baby Love - 7mo Sitter Session

I love photographing squishy babies! This little guy is such a joy to his family. His face made the biggest smile when looking at his big sister.  She is about a year or so older than him and was so protective. She kept giving him a toy to play with.  It was brightly colored and did not match the set-up, so we would move it and she would cry!  She would grab the toy and give it back to him and say his name.  I gave him a light brown bear for him to play with that matched and she was satisfied.

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