Baptism Portraits

My boys and niece were baptized recently.  This is such an important coming of age event for my family that I had to commemorate it with portraits.  These were taken on the day of the baptism.  I would love to photograph your family on the day of your special event or schedule an individualized photography session of your child.

Newborn Outdoor Session

What a wonderful time for this new little family!  I was so happy to celebrate with them by photographing their miracle baby boy.  Taking the session outdoors gave texture and context for the portraits.  Not only is the red rock a beautiful backdrop, but the location is close to their home.  Baby was so sweet and happy to snuggle with mama.  

Desert Bloom

I found this cactus flower in my neighborhood.  I love the idea of how the cactus is so dangerous looking to keep itself safe and yet it has flowers.  Beauty can come out of difficult things.

I photographed this for a friend who just had surgery and that was her difficult thing.  The beauty was how her family adores and supports her which adds to her healing.  

I hope you can find the flowers in your challenges today.

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