Apache Navajo Photoshoot

I am thrilled to post portraits of this beautiful girl in her Apache Campdress.  Her father made the moccasins she is wearing.  We took these at Papago park looking for light and landmarks. She looked like she belonged in the beautiful landsacape, and passersby looked at her in awe. Her mother was proud of her daughter and said she was teaching them about her culture. Such wise words! So happy I could be a small part in celebrating her!

In the portraits below, Faith is wearing her Navajo Kinaalda dress. She’s a lucky girl to get to celebrate both Apache and Navajo traditions.


I know getting family photos can be a lot trying to put everything together, but it is so worth it! This is my family! I shopped for outfits, made hair appointments, found a reward to encourage children to behave (Neapolitan milk shakes from In-N-Out). The adults needed ice cream after the session too! On top of doing all the mom stuff to get ready, I also took them!

I set up a tripod and camera set with a 10 second timer. 

 My steps were:

1. Find light 

2. Find background 

3. Set everyone up 

4. Focus, click, run

5. Repeat step 4

Luckily my daughter could click the shutter for me when I took portraits with my husband.  And my husband took detailed instruction from me as he had to bend down to try to see the world from my vantage point.  A lot of trial and error, but so worth it!

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