Happy 1st Birthday

Baby girl turned 1 year old!  What a perfect time for photos!  We took the portraits at my home studio.  We happily sang baby shark for some genuine smiles.  And little brother was helpful chasing after balloons.  The balloons were baby’s favorite…until the cake came out!  She was so funny, in that she dug right in.  They celebrated her birthday the week before, so she was familiar with the yummy taste of cake.  The session went for about a half an hour and baby girl was happy with her balloon as they left.

The ivory lace outfit sized at 12-18 months is available to my clients.  Birthday sessions are customizable where I have a variety of colors to choose from.  Check out more info here on my Happy 1st Birthday page.

Portrait of Grandpa

So happy to share these portraits of my dad with you.  These were taken over the summer.  He took my twin boys fishing early one morning.  My boys were thrilled to get to wake up
before anyone else and go on an adventure with grandpa!  I took these portraits of him, when he got
home.  My dad is a great grandpa.  He loves making his grandchildren happy! 

I would love to photograph someone in your life that has
great meaning to you! 

Poppies Flower Shop

I had to share this bit of good news.  I found a lovely flower shop called “Poppies”.  I went in to buy flowers for a photoshoot I was doing for my business.  I showed the ladies my logo so I could find something that looks like my brand, and they helped me create my own personal bouquet.  I don’t know anything about flowers, but these ladies were great at helping me.  I was surprised how much fun it was!  I am loving the fresh flowers.  They smell so good!  I will be going back!  Poppies Flower Shop on Happy Valley Rd in Phoenix, AZ.

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