We are trying to stay warm with the recent cold weather we
have been having.  This is my daughter
with our cat, Emmy.  Emmy is from
Italy.  We adopted her 4 years ago when
we lived in Florence.  She is a living souvenir!  She does not like the cold.  Normally she sleeps on on my daughter’s bed at
night.  But these days she burrows her
way under the covers and my daughter finds her curled up trying to get warm.  It’s a symbiotic relationship.

Elena - 3 year old Child Portraits

What a sweetheart!  Her mom had portraits of her older sister made when she was 3 years old.  Naturally she wanted some of her next daughter.  They look so much alike that it was fun to compare the two at the same age.  Being 3 she was independent, yet followed directions very well.  This is a great age, 3-4 years old, to capture that young child stage where they are older than a toddler and yet not too old that they have started to loose teeth.   She enjoyed walking around the park and playing the little games I had for her.

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