Easter Mini with one year old Baby Boy

This little guy is such a joy! He is social and bright and sweet. He’s about a year old and we did a mini-Easter setup with him. We sat him down and he wasn’t sure about it all. Then I gave him a carrot to hold, because little people like holding things, and then he was okay with it all. I love that mom brought his basket and it went with everything beautifully!  

Simply Baby Newborn

Loving this precious baby boy wrapped and sleeping comfortably. He was not happy as we undressed him, but once we put the soft swaddle on and put him in a basket of fluffy blankets, he settled right in.  

I photographed him using natural light.  We set everything up outdoors under a shady tree because it was the was middle of the day and light was harsh.  Through shielding the sun with a soft, thin blanket, the light was made softer and we got this beautiful light.  I love working with babies!

Teacher Appreciation Photography

I photographed my daughter’s teacher to show my appreciation for all the work she puts into nurturing my child daily! Thank you, thank you!

If you would like to give your Anthem teacher a gift card for photography, I have beautiful cards available!  

I’m happy to share a portrait of this wonderful teacher. Like many, she juggles being a mama and work. So many little hearts are influenced by her teaching and example daily! Thank you!

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