California Vacation

On vacation, I caught this photograph of my bestie’s little girl. Isn’t she so cute in her teal suit! We were in Pismo and the cloud cover made for some beautiful bright backgrounds.  Child photography at Pismo Beach in California.  

Being in California has been wonderful! My Bestie had us stay with her in her beach house and we’ve been on all kinds of adventures. Enjoying sandy toes and sunny days!

Picking blueberries, strawberries and blackberries in Santa Maria, Ca

Bucket full of FRESH strawberries = happiness.

Last photo from our California vaca. We had so much fun taking our kids to our old stomping grounds. My husband and I both went to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. It is a gorgeous area with so many beaches! We had a blast sharing stories with places. Our kids have a hard time imagining us young!

Crafting with my kids

I love doing crafts with my kids!  I had to share this little treasure my mom sent us to fight boredom.  I love that the felt came with holes already in the precut patterns, so it was easy for little hands to maneuver the needle and thread.  We spent a whole afternoon sewing and crafting.  I think they turned out really cute! 

You can find the full kit featured here Craftorama.

The snake pattern was a freebie that came with the kit, so we made it with felt and thread we had on hand.  

The link to the snake pattern is here!  Freebies - Craftorama

How do you have fun with your kids?  

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