Teacher Appreciation Photography

I photographed my daughter’s teacher to show my appreciation for all the work she puts into nurturing my child daily! Thank you, thank you!

If you would like to give your Anthem teacher a gift card for photography, I have beautiful cards available!  

I’m happy to share a portrait of this wonderful teacher. Like many, she juggles being a mama and work. So many little hearts are influenced by her teaching and example daily! Thank you!

Family Photos with Baby

Darling family with a new little one. They wanted red rock in their portraits to show their connection with the area.  We met in St. George, Utah.  We started our Photoshoot in a desert garden and ended close to large red land formations.  

Baby girl decided it was nap time during the family photoshoot! So, we made a little bed and photographed her sweetly dreaming. I love being around babies. Everyone just accepted she needed more rest and we kept going with Mom and Dad lovingly cradling her, they were so sweet with her!

Grandparents Photography

My grandparents had me photograph them when I visited for Easter. I’m so happy I did. My grandma told me about these incredible gardens that were so much fun to explore.  It was a perfect backdrop to celebrate their togetherness.  They are so funny in how they tease each other.  These portraits mean a lot to me.  My grandparents have watched me grow and nurtured me along the way. 

These portraits were taken in St. George, Utah.   I travel to visit family there often.  If there are couples and/or families interested in me photographing them, send me a message and arrangements can be made! 

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