Lake Pleasant

I went to Lake Pleasant and found some great backgrounds within a half hour.  We took these in the morning before the heat was too unbearable.  I rolled up his sleeves and opened his collar to help cool him down.  His sky blue shirt paired well with the scenery.  I love the details that stand out in the black and white photos.  

Pet Portrait

Taking portraits of pets can be tricky.  Especially with cats.  A lot of treats were involved.  It’s totally worth the effort though.  If you are an animal lover like myself, you understand how much they give and how much they are a part of the family.  My cat is named Emmy and she is Florentine.  She was born in the Florence, Italy countryside.  A woman who helps cats gave her to us to adopt while we lived in Florence.  We brought her back to the United States when we returned after living abroad.  I would love to photograph your beloved pet!

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