Anthem Family Desert Photography

I love the wardrobe this mama put together for her family!  Creams, tans, light blue and a splash of orange.  All of these colors are in the floral print of mom’s dress.  The location was a great one and following some rain from the week before, so everything was newly green and lush.  We had a cloudy day which made for even light and bluer mountains.  The little guys enjoyed exploring the desert, when they weren’t being photographed.  It is so good for children to wander about. It made the photoshoot more enjoyable for them.

High School Senior Photography

I am behind on posting about photoshoots taken at the end of fall.

This photoshoot is of a Senior who is an assistant director for his school plays! I was impressed, that sounds like a big job. I enjoy getting to know these young people as I work with them. Everyone has their own story. I love celebrating them through photography!

So Coco wasn’t meant to be in the photos, but at the end she ran and gave her young man a hug and it ended up being a favorite! Animals are fantastic and brought out a fun side of this Senior.  

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