New Year

I have been looking back at my 2023 goals, and how they were accomplished. I am filled with gratitude to God for the growth in my business. I photographed 50 sessions last year! Now I am taking time to look at all the details in my business and how everything flows to give my clients a better experience. I am looking forward to 2024 and the possibilities it brings!

Christmas Posing Tips with Kids

1. LIGHT: Use a large light source, like an open door or window. Check your light by having your little one stand in, or put a stuffy on a stool. Take a test shot. If your subject is too bright then make the light less intense, by closing shutters or having your kiddo stand farther from the light source. If your subject is too dark, brighten the ISO on your camera if you can, or choose a different time of day when there is more light on that side of the house. 

2. PROPS: Think about colors. The colors in your background, clothing and props are important. Simple clothing is best. Sweaters, Pjs, or Christmas Outfits are some great examples. Props can be things with meaning like an ornament, a holiday decoration, or even a wrapped present. 

3. POSING: This is the most important part, connecting with your child. I have included some feelings and prompts to go with them below.
Wonder – Prompts to ask your kids: What do you think is inside? What colors do you see?
Silly – Prompts: Can you rest your chin on it? How about putting it on your head? Act like Santa and say Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho and then give it to me. 

4. POST for a Chance to WIN:
Try these posing tips, post them with my name and be entered to win $50 off your next session! 

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Very Merry

We put up our nativity to remember the most amazing true story ever told, that of the birth of our Savior.  I hope you find joy and peace in your festivities this Christmas season!  

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