High School Senior Photography in Downtown Phoenix

Had a great High School Senior Photoshoot this morning with a creative young actor.  He was so much fun to work with!

We were going for an Urban look using lines of Architecture as my main inspiration.  I love how the lines break up the space like a puzzle.  Each space is a section all its own.  The blocks of light are so cool!

Newborn Wild Hair

I love the little surprises that come with a newborn baby!

What a journey you have been on waiting for Baby to get here!

The anticipation of whether Baby is a boy or girl.  Then coming up with names you’re BOTH happy with.  Then planning for their room.  Then waiting and waiting.  Then Baby is here, and you know this little person already because you have talked with them and planned for them and dreamed of them.  Seeing them for the first time is like falling in love all over again!  There little everything is absolutely perfect!  So much JOY!

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