Super Senior

Love this eye popping color. Someone commented on the shoot that she looked like Supergirl with the blue and red, and yes she is! This Senior is amazing! I loved working with her, she was so bright and cheerful.  We went to the Sonoran Preserve for a desert background.  We talked about what a great location this was because it commemorates where she grew up and came from.  She is going off to college and the next chapter of her life will be in another state!  She was happy to be photographed in the desert that feels like home to her. 

Makeup Tips by Lexi

These tips are put together by a Senior I photographed in early Fall.  Her makeup was flawless and I thought her insights could help out future Seniors to get ready for their photoshoots.  She now works at Ulta, naturally!  

Makeup Tips by Lexi

When putting makeup on for a photoshoot you have to keep in mind that a camera has strengths and weaknesses, what may look flawless in person may not turn out the same on camera. But doing your own makeup for a photoshoot doesn’t have to be stressful, you just want to feel and look like yourself!

Here are my 5 fabulous tips when doing my makeup for a photoshoot:

Moisturizing/Primer is the way to go!

Before getting started moisturizing can make your face glow and look smooth. Applying primer makes your makeup last longer!

It’s all about the Lighting!

When doing your makeup, do it in natural light! This is important because the camera captures more natural features.  If you’re applying foundation or powders on your face it’s important to make sure you select the closest possible shade to your skin tone.  Anything lighter or darker will look awkward and more obvious in photos.

Keep it Simple and Natural!

Keep the contour and the foundation to the minimum. I recommend if doing contouring have more powders than cream. Don’t overdo the foundation, full coverage foundations can look cakey on camera. Go for a lighter weight foundation or powder.

Choosing colors!

When looking at photos of myself, I love when my eyes stand out. Picking eyeshadow colors can be a bit of a struggle, thinking if you should go colorful or neutral.  I usually do colors based on my outfit.  Blend your eyeshadow colors dark from the outer corner to light in the inner corner of your eyes, creating an ombré look.  How I make them pop even more is by applying highlighter in the inner corner of my eyes and adding more shimmers to my eyeshadow!

(bonus tip: this is totally optional but I love a good dramatic eyelash! Eyelashes give me a fierce look in my eyes which I LOVE!) 

Set your Makeup!

Setting will keep your makeup looking fresh and have it lasting all day! It will prevent it from smearing. It will hold it all together! I recommend using a setting spray if using powders!

I don’t use make up to cover up my insecurities or to impress anyone, I use it as a fun way to express myself and make my best features stand out even more! Makeup doesn’t define your beauty, it’s your smile that creates the perfect picture! One of my favorite quotes from the makeup Industry is “I believe all women are pretty without makeup—but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful.” -Bobbi Brown.

Senior Beauty

 We met up at a great location in Southern Utah with dirt roads, pine trees and a lake.  It was fun to have the freedom to see a beautiful background and stop on the side of the dirt road, take a few portraits and get back in the car.   This Senior Girl was ready for her session, she had 3 great outfits picked out and perfect makeup.   I love that she chose a necklace that went with each of her outfits.  Her makeup was flawless, more than normal but in natural tones.  It makes total sense that she now works at Ulta part-time.

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