Barca di Piccoli Miracoli

I was telling my grandfather about the boat I made as a
prop.  He asked its name and said every
boat had to have a name.  I grew up
knowing my grandpa loved boats.  They are
all over his home and he has even made some over the years, enjoying
woodworking.  All different kinds.  So I took what he said to heart and thought of
a name for it.

Barca di Piccoli Miracoli, which is Italian for “Boat
of Small Miracles”.  I made it as a prop for
my twin boy’s birthday photoshoot.  My
boys spent 4 of their 9 years of life living in Italy when they were very
young.  There is still a special place in
our hearts for the Italian culture.  So
giving it an Italian name seemed fitting. 

The miracles part comes because God gave me many solutions to
problems along the way.  I am a creative
person, so there are some projects that I set out to do that just plain don’t
work.  For this project, things kept
coming together so beautifully that I can only describe them as small miracles.

An example of one of those miracles is trying to find a
block of wood to put inside the boat that would hold up the mast.  I went to a local store with a craft section,
just looking for any wood I could cut down to shape what I needed.  I found a kids Viking boat kit with wood
already cut.  So I bought two to stack on
each other to hold up the mast.  When I
got home and tried to see how it worked in the boat, it fit perfectly!  So well it was held in place by two pieces of
wood that were in the boat already.  It
looks like it was made to be there!

I am a person of Faith. 
I love God and my Savior Jesus Christ.  I have relied on them and seen their influence and love in my life since
I was very young.  These small miracles
came at a time in my life that was challenging and this project gave me evidence
of God’s continued love.

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