Be Kind to Yourself

This quote is in my kitchen.

I love words that resonate! 

 I am not a writer myself, I’m a visual person obviously. 

 My bestie is a writer and she has this awesome Instagram page where she is always reading tons of new books and writing reviews about them. And I love it when I read her posts, that it sounds just like her!

How does she do that? 

 I - have - no - idea! 

 And that’s why I can be over here doing my photography thing because that’s the artistic talent God gave me! 

What are you good at? What do you enjoy?  

Newborn Lifestyle Photography

Newborn Photography of Baby in her new nursery.

I met a darling new Baby girl!   Her family put together a beautiful nursery.  I enjoyed photographing using the new space in natural light.  I love how all the details came together and was able to help this family welcome their tiny one into the world!  

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