Working with Jordan’s Mini Corner in Anthem

I am so happy to share about Jordan’s Mini Corner!  

Her play spaces are beautifully put together with intention and careful attention to detail.  We are collaborating for Easter Minis photoshoots at the end of March!  

Here is a bit about the owner. Janell is the founder of Jordan’s Mini Corner, which has two locations.  The first being in Scottsdale and the newest here in Anthem.  She is a registered nurse, is married to her best friend of 5 years, and has two littles under the age of 3.  

These are Janell’s own words about Jordan’s Mini Corner.
“My favorite part of Jordan’s Mini Corner is the concept. I love the idea of focusing on small group play. This play space is 800 sf and perfect for cautious children to be exposed to a group each visit. I also enjoyed putting it together. Nothing beats designing a space for littles to love.
Anthem was not on our radar. It just happened. We partnered with the Montessori Room Arcadia for an event and connected. The owner and I were able to meet and saw a need for Anthem. A few visits and meetings later we came up with this concept. We share a space with The Montessori Room.”  

To schedule your spot for an Easter Mini Session, click on the link! 

Easter Mini Photoshoots - Julie Ann M Photography

Wildflower Hikes in Phoenix

We had the rain, and now the wildflowers are coming out!
Spring Break is a perfect time to go on a family hike! 

If you find a perfect spot for your next family photo session let me know and we can make it happen!

The link below has some suggestions of where to go.

I remember when we moved to Phoenix in March two years ago, we went on a hike looking for wildflowers.  There weren’t any!  We met some seasoned hikers on the path and they said, “Oh, there won’t be many this year.  There wasn’t a lot of rain.  No rain, no wildflowers.”  So now we have had so much rain, I have been looking forward to seeing our desert bloom!

Desert Sibling Photography

I photographed at this new location this past weekend, and I loved it!  I want to go back!  

This is a great spot for Spring Photos, Graduation, Family, Siblings, Maternity, and even Baby Portraits.

This is what the happy mama said, when she first saw her gallery, “Oh my gosh, I love love the pictures so much!”

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