Elegant High School Senior Photos

Why this portrait is so good…

A Graceful High School Senior 

Posing for an Elegant and Classy feel 

Beautiful Background & Lighting 

Variations of Blues & Greens contrasting with Warm Skin Tones  

Old Halloween Photos

I wanted to share some old family photos that I took of my kids at Halloween in past years.

Here my son is a fox and he is 19 months old in the photo. We had moved to Florence, Italy the July prior and I wasn’t thinking of Halloween costumes. Halloween isn’t very big in Italy and so we couldn’t find any costumes. I put this together because he had a cute fox hat he loved. If you look closely the orange shirt he is wearing is inside out. I made him some felt fox feet and a felt fox tail. He was so happy and ran around with such joy! It’s so fun how much little ones love to dress up, and I like to dress them up too!  

My little cowboy! He was 2 1/2 and we were still in Florence. He would run around with a stick horse and even say “yee-haw!”    

Last one! I had to show one of each child! My kitty girl was 4 years old here. I had so much fun recreating this costume for my girl. My mom dressed me in a leotard and black tights when I was in third grade. I remember holding my tail as I walked around! Anyway my little girl and I are cat people and so she loved being a kitty cat for Halloween!   

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