Baby Bear Sitter

Little baby bear with mama! Naturally he adores her and she him. It was so sweet to see!  

Baby boy is 6 months old and was a Rockstar sitting on his own!  I was impressed for how young he is.  Mom and Dad found this incredibly beautiful location for us to do the photo session outdoors.  I provided the cream knit sweater and grey pants.  It all came together and He was so smiley it was fun to be around him.

Praying for Each One

September was the 1 yr anniversary that my art piece was published on
The title is Praying for Each One.
It is a portrait of the Savior praying in the garden of Gethsemane. I created it combining illustration and photography. Jesus Christ is the master healer. He can mend our broken hearts and forgive us of our sins. I believe He prayed for each one of us, and knows us individually. I added forget-me-not flowers around him to symbolize this.  I am grateful for my Savior.

Happy 1st Birthday

Baby girl turned 1 year old!  What a perfect time for photos!  We took the portraits at my home studio.  We happily sang baby shark for some genuine smiles.  And little brother was helpful chasing after balloons.  The balloons were baby’s favorite…until the cake came out!  She was so funny, in that she dug right in.  They celebrated her birthday the week before, so she was familiar with the yummy taste of cake.  The session went for about a half an hour and baby girl was happy with her balloon as they left.

The ivory lace outfit sized at 12-18 months is available to my clients.  Birthday sessions are customizable where I have a variety of colors to choose from.  Check out more info here on my Happy 1st Birthday page.

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