Moved to Arizona

My family just recently moved to Arizona.  We are loving the spring weather and our new neighborhood.  I collected these images while using one of the many walking paths in Anthem.  The area and light was beautiful.  We have seen many varieties of animals such as rabbits, quail, javelinas (looks like a pig), road runners, woodpeckers, cardinals, and have heard coyotes.  We see rabbits and quail most often.  There are two rabbits in the 2nd image, can you see them?  I am looking forward to photographing portraits with these beautiful backgrounds.    

Gray Kitten

Photographing a kitten is a lot like photographing a toddler, there is constant movement.  I watch to anticipate direction, then creatively find angles for whatever background the cat decides to be on.  I get in position, crop and photograph.  If I’m lucky the cat will be entertained by my talking to it and I get a few seconds.  If not, we are off to the next spot.  This charcoal gray kitten is Bear and amid his playful mood I managed to get these treasures.  The great part about moving around so much is that I was able to get a variety of natural light within my images. 

Kid Quote #1

I love the way kids say things.  Mine make me laugh all the time.  I especially love the times when they say something a new way and it makes me think about it differently.  So here is some encouragement for you today.  This was Jack’s answer to the question, “What is Failure?”

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