4-month-old Baby Boy Photography

Meet this darling baby boy who was so sweet during his photoshoot. He was cooing and kicking and oh so happy.  Oh my heart melted! What a joy babies are! 

I think the sweater paired well with his skin tone.  This outfit is available for my Baby clients to wear for their photography session.  I have other outfits also available.

Couple Posing Tips for Valentine’s

Tip #1  Turn your chin toward your shoulder

I love this pose because it looks good with everyone!  Turn your body with your shoulder towards the camera.  Then turn your chin towards your shoulder which gives a nice outline to your chin and cheeks.

Tip #2  Have your faces close together

My husband is 6’2” and I am 5’4” so for this pose he came down a bit so our faces could be closer together.  It looks a little funny off camera, like a giraffe spreading his legs to get a drink of water!  For the photo all you see is that we faced each other for a sweet cuddle.

Tip #3  You don’t have to look at the Camera!

Not looking at the camera instantly gives the photo a lifestyle feel.  You can look at each other, look at your hands, or kiss.  For this photo we faced each other and gave soft smiles, enjoying the others company!

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