Family River Rafting

My family went on our first rafting trip together! The rapids were 4s and 3s! I have been waiting for our kids to be old enough to go, and it was a perfect time. The water was freezing but it was a nice warm day to go!

Whitewater Rafting, LLC had professional photographers photograph us a couple of times down the rapids. How cool is that! I was thrilled to purchase this photo of our family having fun together.  My kids already want to go again!  

This was a great company to go through, we were impressed with their professionalism in organizing the event and also how fun the guides were!

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This newborn’s parents had portraits taken with dad’s guitar for every child when they were born. 

 I am so happy that I could be a part of keeping this tradition going!

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 I would be happy to make it a reality!

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Beat the Heat! 

 Have portraits taken of your little love at my In-Home Studio!

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This little guy was eight months old and he was so happy!  He was looking up at the soft box, curious about what it was.  Then I set him on a blanket and he loved the texture of it because he pulled it with his little fingers over and over.  He made us laugh with all of his adorableness!

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