Senior Portraiture

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“never done a photoshoot"

“Julie Mulkay was seriously amazing :) I  had never done a photoshoot or anything like that but her charm and charisma  made it much more comfortable... The pictures also turned out beautiful. Highly  recommend.” – A.W.

"She made me feel super comfortable"

“I absolutely loved taking photos with Julie. Usually, I’m not a super big fan of taking photos but she made me feel super comfortable while taking them.  Everything about the experience was absolutely amazing! The desert setting was a perfect place to take them and Julie was an amazing photographer. The photos look so beautiful!” - J.M.

"encouraging, complimentary, respectful"

" The highlight for me as a mother, was how encouraging, complimentary, respectful and also gracious she was in her interactions with my son, ensuring he had a GREAT experience... where he could feel comfortable, able to show his own personality, and smile freely - which is so crucial for an overall positive & uplifting session! " - A. P.

"Julie made me feel beautiful"

" Julie made me feel beautiful and made me feel very comfortable in my photoshoot.  I appreciate her consideration to my opinion, and her creativity! " - K. S. 


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